Was banned from Wal-Mart and arrested.?

In Mississippi, I was arrested for disorderly conduct and interfering with business. I'm technically not guilty on both charges, but I'm told to plead guilty just to make it easier. I was also banned from all Wal-Marts. I was merely on my way out the door, when a manager asked how I'm doing. I wasn't in the mood to talk, so I said "Don't worry about it." It wasn't personally against her so much as the store (indicating that I was dissatisfied) and I only wanted to leave and take my business elsewhere. I did not mean any harm, but I can't control whether or not people's feelings are "hurt". I was in control of myself even though I was angry. As I tried to leave the store, the manager kept telling me to calm down, making me more annoyed. I assume that if they encounter an annoyed customer that is not doing anything wrong and wants to be left alone, they (employees) are supposed to comply and not bother the customer. I don't want to plead guilty on either charge, as this was a mistake of Walmart. The manager started calling the police after I told her "for the last time, don't tell me to calm down. I'm already pissed off." Seeing her talking to dispatch of 911, I grabbed her phone and said that she didn't need to do that, that I was headed out of the store (which I didn't NEED to leave, just WANTED to at since I was fed up with Walmart's service and I had to be at work in 2 1/2 hours).

What else should I do about this?

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    Here's the deal. Sounds like you had your reasons, probably GOOD reasons, for being pissed off. Every one here wants to just discount that and say you were wrong, anger is bad, etc. That only pisses people off more. You had your reasons, but people are also right that you crossed a line by grabbing the phone. Plead guilty and get jt behind you

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    Walmart deserves an award for keeping you from driving in the mood you were in and stopping a potential road rage incident. Hopefully you will be found guilt of assault, fined, and banned from all Walmart stores.

    Consider anger management at the very least.

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    1 year ago

    Anger management?

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    Stop crying and admit you were being a complete jerk and that you have nor self respect or respect for others and think you are above the right of being civil to others. You are at fault and YOU should be banned from every store who can figure out who you are. Walmart should post your picture from their security cam and your confrontation on YOU TUBE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.. YOU ARE A JERK..

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  • 1 year ago

    You are ABSOLUTELY guilty on both charges. The rest of your story is 100% PURE BS. Not even in an INSANE world is your story remotely plausible.

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    Actually you ARE guilty. However if you are so sure you aren't then plead not guilty. Grabbing her phone, which will be on tape, is when you committed teh crime. I mean I question your version of events in general, but you admit you committed a crime. So plead guilty and don't go back, it's that simple.

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    Take anger manager classes. There is nothing you can do, except not plead guilty and hope a jury sees it your way. You grabbing the phone is considered and assault, and you admit to doing that.

    They have every right to ban you from the store as it is private property and they elect not to have you on it..

    And if somebody asks you how you are doing and you go all ape sh*it on em, you do have some issues. She was being customer friendly by simply asking how you are doing, and you go off on her, you grab the phone out of her hands, you are lucky you were only charged with what you were.

    You were annoyed with the store, so what? They have recourses for you to express yourself, and by grabbing her phone out of her hand is not one of them.

    You are banned and no court will over turn that, and you must also remember that your temper tantrum was probably recorded on the stores surveillance system which will be shown to the court/judge if it goes that far.

    So now you will have a criminal record as well if convicted (which you probably will be), you will have lawyer fees either way, and if you are guilty you will probably be billed for Wal-Marts attorneys as well.

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    Honestly? No disrespect intended - but you are not "technically not guilty" you are decidedly guilty. From the little you have said, you allowed a bad shopping experience put you in a negative mood and a chip on your shoulder.

    Did you stop to think maybe the manager was simply trying to address a customer's bad experience, attempting to turn things around and make it better? No - you went further down the anger road, THEN took her phone. Lucky you were only arrested for DC and IWB: from the sounds you could have been charged with theft (the phone), assault (grabbing the phone), or a slew of other charges. One thing is for sure - the cops are not going to arrest you if you did not break any laws.

    Remember only YOU are responsible for your feelings and actions. Only YOU have control over them. Seems you know this because you state you cannot control how other people feel - but same goes for them: they cannot control how YOU feel nor are they responsible for how you feel. Furthermore how you CHOOSE to act on those feelings is all on you.

    Suspect you are being told to enter a plea of guilty on both charges because you ARE guilty. Such a plea shows you are taking responsibility for your actions and therefore deserving of a little leniency. TRUST - you go into a court with "not my fault" and you "fight" in court - the outcome may well be a much harsher penalty.

    Can't really say here for sure - no one on here was there to observe and provide you with an objective opinion of your actions vs others. Maybe ask your attorney to get a copy of the store video surveillance and view it objectively. I'll bet you agree with Walmart and will be enjoying giving your business to Target for the rest of your life. Good luck.

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    Make is easier on who? Your public pretender?

  • 1 year ago

    Hire an attorney to represent you.

    If you already have an attorney representing you, and that one is unsatisfactory, hire another.

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