Tingling / ticklish feeling in pin point spot in both ears?

For the past year it's felt like there's a flea in one spot in my 'ears' moving around? Like a ticklish tingling feeling in one pin point place. It's on and off throughout the day. Sometimes its in 1 year and sometimes it's in both. It lasts for bout 10-20 seconds then it stops. What could it be?

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  • 7 months ago
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    If you've been using Q-tips or inserted some other object to clean your ears, it could be that you've irritated your ear canals.

    One doctor who looked in my ears when I was a lot younger advised me not to use such rough methods. The most I should do was to roll up part of a Kleenex and twist it in my ear to clean it. Also there are kits available at drug stores to help soften and remove excess ear wax without irritating your ears.

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