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When i sing my heart will go on I sound really bad? What is the problem here?

I entered a beauty pageant and my friend told me I should sing my heart will go on for the talent part and I lost big time because I sounded like crap in the talent part.

I chose the song because it was supposed to be a really easy song.that didn't have a fast tempo but I ran out of steam at the end of long phrases and as such the pitch went all wonky as I had to strain to keep the pitch as i was all out of breath.

I the got out of timing with my backing track and such I sounded really terrible because of this and the power phrases toward the end of the song when I had to belt out more volume were really strained and hurt to sing and someone said I was more yelling on those phrases and sounded awful?

How could I improve my singing? What should I do? Is my heart will go on an easy song? Any easier songs that would get me to win a future pageant?

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    Take singing lessons. it may be that you're not a singer. A voice teacher can test your voice and let you know if you should pursue singing lessons.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    who cares?

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  • Rai
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    1 year ago

    you just write next time

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