Is Mexico still paying for the wall?

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  • 7 months ago

    MEXICO already has Mexico had a 500 billion surplus trade imbalance now with the new trade deal it is down to zero that is 500 billion trump has made the usa

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  • 7 months ago

    Not until the trump organization pays for Mexican labor constructing his towers to nowhere.

  • Cousin
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    7 months ago

    Not unless you conquer Mexico. They stole the coastline the US PAID them for along southern Arizona and nationalised the oil owned by US shareholders and push a stream of refugees into the US in a war of attrition. So conquer the MUH or shut the hell up.

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  • 7 months ago

    We have about Thousands and thousands illegal immigrants heading towards or at our border right now they already barreled through the border security of Honduras, they refused Asylum in Mexico we need to build a wall.

    Why is that so hard to understand for some people we don't know who these migrants are, but we do know that they've already broken the laws of other countries. Honduras just arrested 100 Isis fighters at the same time that this Caravan passed through that country.

    Liberals claim they don't want to build a wall because it costs too much money. Genki BIR of The Young Turks on a panel at politician said he would favor a wall if Mexico pays for it.

    Take a look, I'm ready for the wall so there's compromise right there as long as Mexico pays for it just like I mean I didn't say he said it he didn't say it once he said it like a hundred, two hundred times, so as long as we get the check from Mexico let's build a wall, otherwise I think you should shut up about it.

    Give me a break don't pretend you care about the cost.

    First of all the cost of illegal immigration to the American taxpayer every 6 months is approx.110 billion dollars that's billion with a B.

    According to fair it was an immigration watchdog, but illegal immigrants pay taxes two the Democrats say, no illegal immigrants pay 19 billion dollars a year in taxes 134 billion dollars a 8

    year in cost minus 19 billion dollars in the taxes illegal's pay that's 116 billion dollars we the

    American taxpayer are stuck paying every single year, so don't pretend like it's cost that matters to you, if cost mattered to you you'd have a problem with the American people paying a 110 billion dollars for illegal immigration each 6 months, but you don't care.

    Second of all the cost of a border wall is projected to be about 20 billion dollars.

    Even if you double that projecting to 40 billion dollars, whichever, the Center for Immigration Studies ran an analysis of how much it costs the American taxpayer to pay for the health care the welfare, the law enforcement, crime, etcetera for each illegal immigrant who crosses our border

    they found that it cost 77 thousand dollars per illegal who crosses our border.

    Let's say 100,000 dollars new border crosser each year that's 207.5 billion taxpayer dollars.

    Now, imagine if we had a wall the wall costs 20 billion dollars but we saved the 7.5 billion dollars every year that's three years and we've recoup the cost of what we paid originally to build that wall.

    Democrats won't tell you about that they pretend they care about the cost so that you think they're responsible but they ignore the fact that the wall will pay for itself.

    See that's the thing.

    You Democrats you want open borders, you want anybody who wants to jump our boarder to come right in,

    You don't care about the crime.

    You don't care about jobs.

    You don't care about the cost.

    Or else you would speak out about the 110 billion dollars we taxpayers pay every months for illegal immigration, but you don't say a word about that.

    Democrats just are still broken hearted because of their loss and will do anything to now bring America Down because they aren't the ones in charge right now..

    What we should also be doing is add a 30 percent TAX on all money being sent from the US to any foreign country.. Keep the Dollar in the USA and HIGH TAX on MONEY BEING SENT OUT.

    • Kitty7 months agoReport

      Every bit was just some regurgitation of propaganda you've read. So much was not true.

  • Joseph
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    7 months ago

    In one way or another

    • Joseph
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      7 months agoReport

      Wasn't meant to be, I only meant if there is away to convince Mexico to pay for it, it will be found.

  • 7 months ago

    Is China going to pay for the farm bailout bill?

  • Nick
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    7 months ago


  • Lolly
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    7 months ago

    Mexico was never going to pay for the wall.

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  • I rekon they would break the wall down instead of paying for it.

    • Spike
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      7 months agoReport

      If Mexico DOES pay for the wall, then, international LAW makes it Mexico's PROPERTY, - so, - if Mexico was, then to DESTROY the wall, - there would be NOTHING, that the Trump administration can DO about it.

      The wall would be MEXICO'S PROPERTY, - so MEXICO would be within its RIGHTS, to DESTROY it.

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