What do you think about corporal punishment of disobedient children?

Do you think this should be acceptable in some cases.

I'm Polish, I'm 33, I have Asperger Syndrome, my parents were very cool, my mother probably gave me a gentle spanking once or twice, in my entire life, she died in 2016 and my father who died in 2002 probably also gave me a small one spanking, which I hardly remember, dad was nervous, mom suspected that he also might also had Asperger ;-)

But in communist Poland, as well as the capitalist west, this was not yet considered a disease at that time.

My older brother has two older daughters who are 21 and are currently studying architecture at a public university (that is for free) and a 15 year old who is in high school.

My brother probably never beat them, and if it's probably only gently, because our parents have abhorred corporal punishment, although my mother gave my brother a belt spanking, for 5 times in a row he lost the key to the house, but she had remorse after that :-(

The older daughter is excellent student, but the younger one who is 15 is little devil she is short even for girl, very vivid and stubborn ;-)

For example disobeying her dad (my bro) and go in places without my bro consent, or doing to place where he forbidden her to go, but she is good student too

My brother is afraid that she might get disciplinary fire from job when she start career.

My brother said that sometime he want spank her, but he restrain himself because not like Spanking as punishment the same way as our parents.


I said that it is good that he does not do it considering that since 2014, corporal punishment towards a child is a crime that is punishable by a fine and / or up to 3 years imprisonment.

And even if my daughter did not go to the police to complain, it would only be enough to tell her friend, and this to someone else, and then it will happen to someone who does not like my brother, and then the police will do ii home invasion, and Polish Police is not known for being gentle :-)

Update 2:

Some say that Police is the last bastion of communism in Poland due to their mentality, and my compatriot like to make reports ion people them not like.

Anyway, at the end of the year, people send hundreds of thousands of denunciations to our Polish tax office that their neighbor has too much money, so he has certainly concealed his income in his annual tax return xD

Update 3:

As for my brother's younger daughter, I remember once how my brother probably joked that he more he pissed off that she lied to him, that he's pissed that she cannot go with a convincing lie:-) what a Pole that cannot tell a good lie to an authority figure xD

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  • Janet
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    7 months ago
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    I have a degree in psychology.

    Punishment is NOT effective in changing a child's behavior.

    If you want to change their behavior, sit down with a family therapist and learn HOW to apply behavioral-modification techniques.

    When a child is a problem, the real problem is how they are being handled.

  • 7 months ago

    i think its wrong

  • 7 months ago

    It works. Its the most effective way to discipline a child. Punishment is very, very effective.

    Kids who are smacked always grow into better people while kids who are never smacked are always brats

    • PawełK19867 months agoReport

      Because we Poles like to report to the police or the tax office about their Polish neighbours.xD

  • 7 months ago

    When I was a kid, our father used to thrash us to sleep with a broken bottle - and we love it.

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