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Is my dog having nightmares?

My dog is getting old. He's about 9 now. Sometimes he naps during the day and then he starts breathing really really heavy like he's panicking? And he's almost whining. Then he starts flinching his legs. It happens often. Is he having nightmares? Does he have PTSD? He's only small and he's got attacked twice by dogs triple his size. Is it something else? Anything I can do?

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    My dog does this too, and I doubt she’s had a single traumatic experience in her four years of life, all of which I’ve owned her for. Most the time, I’d say they’re probably just dreaming of chasing a cat or something. Dogs get really into their dreams, unless they’re audibly whimpering, I wouldn’t bother them. Occasionally my dog gets too into a dream and starts barking or whining, and I wake her up to stop her from making too much noise. But I don’t think it’s a PTSD or anxiety thing, it’s just a dream. People nowadays are too quick to diagnose a problem. Dogs, just like people, have nightmares occasionally. They sleep more on average then a human so they also have more nightmares on average. Dogs also don’t release the same chemicals or same amount of chemicals humans do, so they move in their dreams more often. Your dog is probably having a normal amount of nightmares that anyone has, but since she moves more and sleeps more then we do, it seems like a lot. Just let her be a dog.

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      Nikki was a vet of both gulf wars also
      Thx for your comments also and sorry for any mistypes But currently im sitting in a sheepfield with very cold hands using a mobile phone and thx for your thx also happy days

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    9 is not that old for a small dog, many live to be 15-16 years old. What you are describing are doggie dreams. They breath fast, whine, maybe even bark and move their legs like they are running. I have had dogs that have done this from the time they were puppies until they got old. It's nothing bad or needing vet care. If it disturbs you just gently say his name when it happens. He will wake up and go back to sleep.

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    He's dreaming, sure, but it may be a fun dream or a frightful dream. He could be dreaming of chasing a squirrel or something. When he wakes up, just go give him a kiss on the whiskers and a scritch behind his ears and he'll be happy.

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    He’s just dreaming

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    He is dreaming.

    I’ve had dogs that had nightmares or bad dreams I will very gently wake them when I realize that is what is going on.

    My current two dogs have had almost all good experiences and often dream but almost never seem distressed in their sleep.

    One of the dogs I used to have would cry and whine in her sleep and was always so relieved when I woke her from the bad dreams.

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    He probably is reliving the experience in his dreams. I think all you can do is be there for him, and let him know he is safe as long as you are around.

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    He's dreaming. No one can tell if it's a good dream or a bad one. Twitching, barking, whining, breathing deeply while dreaming are all normal for dogs. There is nothing to do about it. And don't wake him up.

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    dogs do not suffer from ptsd kid only humans do that. But yes the dog is almost certainly dreaming.

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    Source(s): War vet and war related p.t.s.d. sufferer.... Per Mare Per Terram
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      Thanks for your service but I disagree, there have been documented accounts of other animals, notably pets and apes, with PTSD-like symptoms. PTSD is caused by trauma and humans aren’t the only ones who experience trauma, we’re just best at recognizing when a member of our species has those symptoms

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