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Why do people hate CGI and live action remakes?

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    I don't know about everyone but I have my own personal reasons of why I hate CGI, live action remakes and most of the majority of movies today. Im 22 btw just in case yall think im some old fart "hating on the new generations of films". Before CGI, I grew up on a lot of movies that really had to use their imagination to pull off a great scene and effect. Movies like Freddy Kruger, Child's Play, The Omen, The Exorcist, Hell Raiser, Carrie, IT and A LOT MORE other movies (Not just horror ) really pulled in tricks and stunts the really worked out as a perfect results. At the time, it was more natural and realistic looking which really put the horror in people to watch and leave the audience stun. At these times, movies of all genre didn't have to rely or didn't even rely on CGI much. The problem today with CGI is that it don't have that "realistic" feel of visions that older movies of generations had. It's barley any creativity now with the CGI today and it really just looks bad if it defiantly looks out of place. The first Anaconda movie used a little bit of CGI , the snake looks real andit look natural, and it gave the oppression of fear of being out in the middle of nowhere on a boat where there are giant snakes to eat you. If you watched any of the new Anaconda movies, u can see that it came a long way from starting off good to horrible. IT(remake) is a good example of horrible CGI and remake. Comparing the Pennywise clowns, the orignal IT looks more creepier and has more of edge than the new Pennywise. The new one was too childish, he didn't really put the FEAR in the kids as his 90 version did, He was easy to beat, and really he was seen constantly through out the whole movie EVERYWHERE. Versus the older IT, He was slick, scary , and actually was difficult to beat. There is just SOOO MUCH movies today that has lost it's touch of being a "Good Movie". The feeling, the creativity , lessons to learn, actually connecting with the actors or even fearing for them in the movies, a lot of that is not in much movies today. If you simply just sit back and watch the movies alone and just see for yourself, you'll know what im talking about. Movies today are not the same anymore, and really most of them are very wack, especially the scary movies of today. They are not scary at all. You can even test it out yourself. Watch the original movies and then watch their remakes and you'll see a diffently complete huge gap between them.

    List to watch and compare.

    Predator 1987 vs The Predator 2018

    Carrie 1976 vs Carrie 2013

    IT 1990 vs IT 2017

    Deep Blue Sea 1999/2000 Vs Deep Blue Sea 2 2018

    Cinderella 1950 vs Cinderella 2018

    Anaconda 1997 vs Lake Placid: vs Anaconda 2015

    A Nightmare On Elm Street 1984 vs A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010

    Underworld 2003 vs Underworld:Blood Wars 2016

    This list is not compare older movies to newer ones, but to compare on the feel, the creativity, the realness/visuals, story and good use of using CGI and see how CGI is horrible.

    A Good list of movies that do uses good CGI and are okay with giving a fake look, but creative wild fantasy.

    The Matrix (1,2 and 3)

    8ight legged freaks

    Underworld(1 and 2 and the rise of lycans)

    District 9

    The X men movies

    Spider man movies (even the most recent ones)

    Avatar (the blue ppl)

    Charlies Angels

    Fast N Furious

    The Chronicles of Riddick (not the recent one)

    Harry Potter Movies

    Star Wars

    The list goes on...

    So to sum it up, if CGI is used correctly its not a problem, but if it looks out of place and fake then, yeah, we got a problem.

    For the remakes, I know they are "remakes" but they are just not the same and wont be as good as their original. Especially with todays films, the most recent one coming out is Aladin. Just from looking at the trailer and covers, I KNOW that movie is going to be awful and terrible. Dont even waste your money'll be on tv within 9 months.

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    I dont know but I love both!

    I think CGI is cool, why dont anybody else, when did they start fussing about CGI?

    I love remakes better than older versions, when did people start fussing about thm? I mean you dont see people fussing about video game remakes such as Majoras Mask.

    I sure wish we could get these complainers to SHUT UP!!!

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    CGI is fine as long as it's used WELL. When you look at something and it looks 'off', it breaks your immersion in the story. That's bad. And as you rely more and more heavily on CGI, the more likely some motion or expression or some other detail is going to look unnatural.

    Per the live action remakes, you must be talking about the Disney movies. The problem there is that alot of those movies were pretty near perfect as they were. Aladdin with Robin Williams was excellent. I like Will Smith, but there's NO WAY he or anyone else could live up to what Robin Williams did in that role. Lion KIng is a movie alot of people practically grew up on. The classic Disney cartoon musicals are classics for very good reasons.

    Now, we all know Disney is a company, and those movies being old aren't making Disney as much money as they would if they were remade and re-released. But it would be like remaking original Star Wars by adding a bunch of goofy creatures that were never there or making Han not shoot first. It would be disrespectful tot eh masterpiece that was...even if it was done by the very person who made that masterpiece.

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    Because these people are more of a traditional animated movie fan than CGI or live-action movies.

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    I think what people dislike is the over-use of CGI. CGI is best when it's not really noticeable. Practical effects still just look more realistic and they give the actors on set something to actually react to other than just pretending that something is happening.

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    because it has a weird vibe? idk.

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