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Looking for females answer: How did you respond when you found out someone you eventually dated was much older than you?

Im looking for females answers only more specifically ones that are dating possibly eventually married someone like 15 years or older.

I will be 40 soon many of my females peers my age are married have kids or have been divorced. I dont want to limit myself to age, theres someone that I really like and have alot in common with shes 21 have some of the same interests love animals.

How do I let her know how old I am without her taking off and not giving me a chance. To those females that were in the situation dating someone much older how did you respond when you found out he was much older and for those that stuck around why did you and how did it end up?

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  • A C
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    8 months ago

    Say, "Hey, would you date a guy that was 39 years old?" I never dated anyone more than 6 years older than myself or 2 years younger. The only guy I remember who was more than 6 years older was married so I ruled him out for that reason.

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  • 8 months ago

    You just have to be honest. Its up to her rather she wants to date a older man or not. It would bother me more if im being lied to.

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  • Stella
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    8 months ago

    Are you certain that she hasn't figured out your approximate age already?

    If she really thinks that you're 25 or so she's bound to be impressed when you tell her your real age. She will probably think that you have great genes and that might bode well for her eventual kids.

    Anyway, just tell her. If it's an issue it would be more creepy if she found out later.

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