Car accident claim as a student?

I'm a college student who was injured in a car accident that caused a concussion resulting in me missing 3 weeks of class, having symptoms for over a month and having to drop 3 of my 15 credits, what should I be seeking as far as compensation?


Update: I was found 100% not at fault, I was rear ended on the highway

Update 2:

My only injury was a concussion, which the treatment for is laying in a dark room doing nothing, I have a free clinic on campus, my tuition is 21K but I pay 14K because of scholarships, they have already payed to have my car fixed.

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    8 months ago
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    Well, in a case where it's clear you would win, you can start with the likely litigation costs the other driver's insurance company would pay for a legal defense (if they go to trial). I imagine at least 20,000 dollars, although most personal injury lawyers will take a third of that.

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    You aren't likely going to get money for not being able to go to class. Your damages will dictate what you are entitled to, and future damages possibilities. Consult a lawyer. He won't know until he has taken your case, looked over the medical reports, seen all of your bills, etc. That's what you will have to do - hire one, if you want to find out what your case is worth.

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  • 8 months ago

    If you were able to maintain 12 credits, you have ZERO legitimate claim related to classes. You have a claim for actual damage to your vehicle and medical costs. YOUR insurance company should be handling the claim for you.

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    • Kate8 months agoReport

      There was also suffering in that I got an excruciating headache for over a week from bright lights and screens. Reading made me dizzy, I couldn't even briskly walk without getting nauseous(I am an active person), I couldn't rock climb for over a month, I couldn't look at projectors for over a month.

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  • 8 months ago

    You don't give enough info about injuries, treatments, expenses, lost tuition, lost wages.

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