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Fastest way to drop 10 pounds ?

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    Let go. Sorry. Okay, besides having a limb removed, the fastest way is probably true liposuction. The results don't show immediately, but a plastic surgeon can such out 10-15 pounds. Again, that assumes you've already booked your surgery and can pay for it.

    A low-calorie or very-low-calorie ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting will help you lose both water weight and fat fairly quickly. The HCG diet (if you can even get real HCG) will also work. So will a green smoothie diet or the Dukan diet (an odd, modified keto-ish diet). You can also try Jackie Warners 10 in 10 protocol. It is a simple but very restricted diet combined with a daily workout. She claims this is how she got celebrity clients to drop a dress size for red carpet events.

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    A bad two weeks with influenza will do it.

    But it won't be much fun.

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    1 year ago

    chop your left arm off at the elbow .............................

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