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Why do I sound really bad when I sing my heart will go on?

I entered the school talent show on a whim when my friend told me I should and I chose to sing my heart will go on because it is an easy song.

A classmate told me to just belt it out and don't worry and you'll win for sure but I really embarassed myself and sounded really awful.

I ran out of power on the end of long phrases and went muffled and that made my pitch and timing to the backing track go all wonky and I didn't have enough steam to finish the phrases in the early part of the song

Later in I found out that people thought I was yelling on the power notes that were supposed to be belted. I really had to strain to push for volume and emphasis and it left me with a sore throat afterwards

What is wrong here and is it possible to sound better? What was I getting wrong?

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  • 7 months ago

    Song titles should be capitalized. You probably can't sing.

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