Benzodiazepine combined with cocaine?

Is it safe? No need for comments saying how bad it is, I'm fully aware and thats not the question. Also I'm 37 days nicotine free so get off my back and reply to the question itself, thank u so much :)
Update: I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but I managed to get a job today so I'm celebrating it. Going back to being clean again after my little celebration. No intention to smoke cigarettes/nicotine again noir weed
Update 2: Lol that came out wrong. No moral judgement I meant. But pls provide factual evidence on how bad it can be and if I can survive this combination
Update 3: So far I'm alive and have no more cocaine. The benzos did an excellent job managing coke comedown/withdrawal. Thx for your detailed response that helped out a lot. Five stars from here
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