Does a home bound cat chose the favorite owner/person based on who gives it more attention that it likes?

And can the cat chose a different person suddenly if someone new starts giving more attention?

Cause now i feel like my cat isnt loyal and after all these years has chosen the other person i live with as their fave person because they get more attention lately from them.
Update: If my cat is disloyal ill probably care way less about it. It doesnt look me in the eyes as much whereas before it would do that almost always
Update 2: I probably wont really be that attached to this animal anymore if this keeps going on and doesnt revert back to normal. The cat isnt attached to me? Then i probably wont be attached to it either.
Update 3: Dude i give a lot of attention to the cat. I adored this cat.. All of a sudden the other person randomly started being way more affectionate to the cat and now the cat seems distant from me when i try to give attention.
Update 4: Sociopathic huh? I guess cant expect too much from animals
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