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Why am I so ugly?

I know this question straight up seems dramatic but I am not being dramatic, not even the slightest. For years ever since I was in elementary school I considered myself to be one of the ugliest students in my class. (I am a girl) Every school year when I would enter a new grade I would compare myself to all the other girls in the classroom and I always noticed that I was the ugliest most unattractive one out of all them. Yeah you might be like why are you remembering that if you were so young and small you wouldnt have known any better at that time, whatever you might have thought before doesnt matter. But to me it really does matter because since I started doing that in elementary, I never stopped. I even came to a point where (I still am at this point) if anyone tried to take a picture of me I would not want to be in the picture and if they did take one of me I would do anything to get them to delete it because I always and still do think to myself why would I want to come out in a photo if no one wants to see my ugly *** face. I have never liked the way my face looks. In like 5th/6th grade since I realized my face was permanently gonna be ugly, I stopped to even try to take care of myself. I stopped caring about my weight and skin, I thought does it even matter if I take care of my skin if even with or without acne I will always be ugly no matter what I do. Same thing with my weight, I thought it doesnt matter if I get more fat because I will always look ugly fat or skinny

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    I have had a similar problem. I'm also a girl, now almost 20 years old and I've never thought of myself as decent looking. People do also ''confirm'' this perception of myself when they tried to bully me, telling me I'm ugly, this and that. So I started putting that phrase in my head, and everytime I would get a compliment, I would just 'throw' it away by telling myself they're just being nice.

    The thing is, you'll always look at yourself like you're not the prettiest one or even like you say 'not pretty'. Even the prettiest girl in class, won't think she's that pretty. It's the way we see ourself.

    I now have a boyfriend for almost over a year, and I've never imagined me having one. He's actually very popular, very likeable and has such a pretty face too. But who would've thought he would have interest in me?! Like for real? I told myself there are so many pretty girls on this planet and you chose the ugly duckling. But he made me more confident about myself and now? Now, I can already tell myself I'm really not that ugly what I always thought, it's progress already... but I'm still working on it.

    You shouldn't stop taking care of yourself. I'm sure as hell you have a 10/10 personality and honestly, that's what counts the most, my dear. I've always been proud of my spontaneousness and my personality that I didn't even care what others might think of my appearance and I think that's what brought me here today. Please, if I can give you one advice, keep yourself clean. Have a morning and night routine, eat what you want but don't overdo. Work on yourself as in positivity about yourself, confidence and enjoy life. Because you are pretty.

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  • 8 months ago

    I'm ugly man too, so I can feel the same thing.

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    You may view yourself as ugly but the person next to you may think you're the most beautiful person they have ever seen. So I think your question should be: How can I learn to view myself as beautiful? That may be surgery or it may just take time to love what your own body has to offer. I bet you're beautiful though xx

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  • 8 months ago

    I do the same thing.

    It's not that we're ugly, it's just that we don't look like women in magazines or on TV and people don't like different, they like cookie cutter and predictable

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