Native English speakers, please I need your help to understand this sentence?

Hi, what does the following sentence mean to you people?

"Despite the approaching storm, everything was suddenly right with the world. Or, that's what his emotions told him. His reason said something else, and the two views would not reconcile themselves."

What is meant by 'reason' ? and what does it mean that the 'two views would not reconcile themselves' ?

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  • 1 year ago
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    reason is the logical part of thinking. The thought process that takes information and makes sense of it without involving emotion. Reason says "all is well". His emotions, the opposite part of what makes human thought do what it does, says that there was danger looming.

    Well, the one is not compatible with the other. They have reached opposite conclusions. they cannot find a middle ground,a compromise, cannot co-exist (reconcile), reconcile means to find a way to eliminate conflict.

    Some things are easily made compatible by reconciliation, some things are irreconcilable (cannot both be true at the same time).

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  • 1 year ago

    Reason: Mind/ Brain/ rational senses

    The two world meaning the heart and the mind felt differently and couldn't come to an agreement

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  • John
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    1 year ago

    Here, reason means his personal logical thinking.This process involves taking informantion around and analysizing it without mood. Reason is logical while emotion is not. Actually, people usually do a right thing in a reason but not in a mood. We feel like doing something that we think it is right, but the fact is that we usually regret having done so when we think back.That's the problem that almost everyone will come across in our daily life.

    Well, the word "reconcil" is a transitive verb that means two things or points are compatible with each other.They have a common ground and common sense.Yeah, at least something similar.If not,that's the negative meaning. NOT COMPATIBLE!

    These two points or ideas will not agree with each other.They fight until the end.Who will survive? The emotion or the reason? It totally depends on you,buddy :-)

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  • 1 year ago

    his reason means his thought process/ the emotions he's talking about and the two views are that theres a storm coming but the character feels peaceful.

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