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Why do pro-lifers go to fertility clinics?

You’re so pro-adoption, so why do you go to a fertility clinic when you are infertile? It’s obviously Gods will (just like all the “babies”), why don’t you just adopt???

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    Thank you for this. More people need to point out this hypocrisy. The same people who go on and on about how adoption is the better way will spend THOUSANDS trying to conceive their own biological child instead of just adopting one. If you say adoption is better, then SHOW ME by adopting at least one of the millions of kids who need a home. But you probably won't because you're obsessed with the "miracle" of birth.

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    Very people want a baby so many people go to the fertility clinic. If you want fertility clinic so you can get the

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      You missed the entire point. If you’re pro life why go to a fertility clinic? Go adopt there’s hundreds of thousands of babies and children who need families

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    I am pro-life. A pro-life couple adopted a daughter I gave up when I was a teen. When forming an argument, make sure you're dealing with facts and not assumptions.

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    Same reason they don't even donate diapers for actual babies or shed a tear for people in war torn countries.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Because everyone wants to make their own kids its part of passing on who you are.

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