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Do you have any phobias?

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    Maybe not quite a phobia but a really, really strong aversion, like I have to leave the room several times to work up the nerve to deal with it; I can't handle dirty dishes left IN the sink for later. They have to be stacked NEXT TO the sink, then they're fine. I can barely be in the same room as the dishes just squatting in the sink. I can offer no explanation why this is so. Active washing in sink= fine too.

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    Yes I have trypophobia. And my brother is always trying to trigger me by sending me images that he knows will creep me out.

  • Dogs.

    When I was little , a puppy chased me on my way home. The puppy was barking at me and it scared mee .

    Now, dogs and puppies still scare me a bit because they might bitee. ;D

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    I'm afraid of being lost.

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    There are things that scare me like snakes but I wouldn't say I have a consuming phobia of them.

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    Yeah i have a phobia of dogs for some reason.

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