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I need help with this anatomy question that i can’t seem to find. Trace the pathway of urine from the kidney to the toilet.?

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    I don't know how detailed you will need to get for this question but the correct general path is as follows:

    1. The blood is filtered in the the kidneys.

    2. The urine then flows through the ureters as it makes its way to the bladder.

    3. The urine is stored in the bladder.

    4. The urine then flows through the urethra and exits to the toilet.

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    Basic 2 second google search.


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    Review the anatomy charts in your books or on line for some answers in your course.

    Source(s): It would be better to have you learn by doing some of your own work instead of people on line doing it for you. Was a college class instructor.
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      You act like i put the whole worksheet on yahoo answers it’s one simple question

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    7 months ago

    Male: Urine goes down the kidney and into the penis and out in a downwards curve to the toilet.

    Female: Urine goes down the kidney and out the urethra into the toilet at almost vertical curve.

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