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Will a D on my transcript hurt my chances at college significantly?

Ok, I’m currently a freshman, and I received a D this year in precalc class. I take a challenging course load, and I took advanced math and English in middle school, so I got algebra 1,2, and geometry before high school. I take one Ap history class and 11th grade English. I have all a’s beside my D in precalc, including my Ap class. I want to go to schools of the U of M, UNC, UVA tier. I will still have a decent gpa, and grades are finalized. I am only a freshman, and some of my friends told me colleges don't really pay too much attention to freshman grades besides GPA. However, I am worried one failing grade will kill my chances at a good college.

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    No since you got a D that means you didn't pass that class the school should allow you to retake that class again maybe for a semester in your sophmores year. If you retake it you can get a higher score and that will be the score on your transcript. I don't know if your school lets you do this but at my school they require us to retake the class if we don't get a grade higher than a C. Also since colleges look at your math grade it is important that you fix that grade, but I don't think it would affect you too much. If you maintain a high grade in your other classes throughout your highschool year you should be fine. Also remember that colleges don't care about your grade in elective classes. They only look at your grade in important subjects such as math, science, and English. I hope this helped.

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    you rnight be able to go to a cornrnunity college, get your grades up and then transfer

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