How is it the first time, I mean what do you talk about before engaging in the intimacy, just curious?

I'm 17 and still virgin that's the reason of my Q.


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    Don't overthink it, just go with the flow, let it happen. Do whatever you're both comfortable with at the moment, no more. The road to intimacy should be no different whether a couple is the same sex or opposite sex. For many, dinner and a hug is a good start, especially if they have zero experience. How it is depends on many variables. It can be heavenly or it can be disappointing. The who matters more than the what. Just enjoy the moment, whatever happens.

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    Mark the "first time" is overplayed IT sin every movie and Every teenagers Waking Moment is focused ON it either Happens, happens might happen this weekend... will never happen with "insert name" because .... 1st of all dont sweat the issue, do you have an interest? one your great freinds with an close to who is also some manner of Into you?>?> thats the difficult part Finding a partner wanting to be with you as much as you with him.... Many Many years ago "I met" a guy Named pete On a phone chat When we began talking he was 16 2 months before 17, I was 1st to tell him up front I wouldnt meet him Until he was an adult so we chatted between The chat room (no video or anything) for a year and 2 months and Two days AFter his birthday I traveled to meet him for the 1st time face to face. HE worked at a retiremnt home as a Bus boy and exlained IF I could be there at 6 pm He would be finishing up the dinner service.. so I arrived parked where he explained I should and waited , only a couple minutes went past before he came out dressed in his white Tux shirt and Black tite pants Bow tie and Cumberbun, As he apporched I was astounded He asked It it was me and I said yes he came over opened the door to my suv I turned ,my legs out to face him and he slid between my legs placeing both on each thigh , HE took my hand and as he moved my hand towards the thick buldge He told me You made me wait for a year for tonight took and brrushed my on on his Lump of cod again and he said I live 1/4 mile away , Let me go home and change And I will be back in 5 minutes and meet you here ......I said OK and he layed into me and gave me a ten minute french kiss exploring MY entire dental chart ...:) Your mature and grown up enough to Write a letter like you have here (a couple in fact) . with the right guy yu might talk about the sky being blue yu might talk about sitting here on the beach how "WARM" it feels to be sitting looking at the stars like side by side holding hands or each otehrs shoulders or hand on thigh if your brave or laying between his legs leaning against his chest using him as your recliner watching the shooting stars shoot when you realize he is cold and shivering and you sitting protected by his body heat offer him a warm place to warm his hands in your pants ... Its differant for everyone BUT its Only bad it you try to make it work when there is no hope

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    Make the conversation last as long as possible, because the first time will be over before you get started.

  • Not just before, but soon before, discuss what birth control method is being used by her, who has brought the condoms and the lubrication, and who will know that you got intimate Nothing worse than miscommunication in the heat of the moment.

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