I need the name of this anime?

There s an anime, it s super sad, the MC meets these girls and ends up falling in love with one of them but they re genetically modified humans that can use these crazy weapons and by using it they forget who they are and her hair color starts changing and she develops a secondary personality but ends up making a deal to use the last remaining bit of herself to save the MC who she loves

A bit more detail: so the MC is like a government official or something, in the first (and also the last episode) it shows the girl jumping out of an airship saying how she promised to protect him or something, in the first episode a witches hat was on her to hide her ears or something to show she wasn t human? I don t really remember.. Also they re genetically modified to be able to use these crazy weapons but the more they use them the more their personality changes and her hair changes from pink to blue I think? And at the very end she uses the last bit of herself to make a deal in saying that if she can save him, she ll be satisified, I also think the song they played during it was related to strawberries but I could be entirely wrong

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