How come abortion is cool, but if i smash the eggs of an endangered species i go to federal prison?......after all it is just an egg not a?

living thing right?
Update: ANON- why can't i compare them?
Update 2: James- well thank you captain obvious. the question is why?
Update 3: ALEX- the amount doesn't doesn't decide if it is a life or not.
Update 4: SUM- being endangered does define life.......try again troll.
Update 5: Shilo- democrats sure seem to think it is.
Update 6: Ron- so from a biology point of view why is the egg worthy of protection, but the human fetus not?
Update 7: Ron- i mean to say the fetus in the egg.
Update 8: Anne- being endangered isn't the definition of life........and no i am not exaggerating. if you smash the eggs of an endangered species you will likely go to federal prison........maybe you can plead out for no prison time, but the law will punish you.
Update 9: Zero- the question is why?
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