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Asking the person to whom I gifted a book to bring it back for me to sign?

Well this is a stupid situation. I gifted a book to someone. I had meant to sign with an inscription when giving it, but the surrounding was such that I ended up giving the book in a rush without signing it. Will it sound OK (appropriate/acceptable) if I ask the person to meet and bring the book for me to add the signature and inscription? Thanks :-)

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    It's not inappropriate to ask that person to meet you again so you can sign the book. She can say "Yes" or "No. Thank you." You can ask her if you can send the inscription in a note to her. If she says"No." that's that. Don't press her.

    If she appreciated your kind gift, I think she will meet you again.

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      nice answer and nice comment

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    Annie, as you know I meant to sign your copy of my book, but things got a bit hectic and it never happened. If you'd still like me to sign it, maybe we could meet sometime next week, say Starbucks on the High Street at 1030 in the morning?

    If that's not convenient maybe I could just send you my signature on a piece of paper which you could stick into the book.

    Just let me know what you'd like.

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    The word is 'gave', not 'gifted'.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    It seems quite inconvenient to ask the person to carry the book to meet you for an inscription. Why don't you just send a personal note with your inscription? Hopefully the person will enclose your note in the book as a heartfelt keepsake from you. Just my opinion, but it's not wrong of you to ask for a meeting regarding the book.

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