Some atheists insist that adaptation within species is evolution.Are they monkeys who yearn to be people?

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  • 7 months ago
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    Apparently atheists think my grandparents are a different species than I

  • John P
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    7 months ago

    You need also to ask about attitudes among all the many different religions in this world.

  • Pearl
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    7 months ago

    there rnight be but its not like theyre going to talk to us and tell us

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Some of those "logical" atheists who claimed to be "logical" on another question:

    are taking their answers down from this question where they used fallacies - quite juvenile fallacies - since I linked their to their hypocrisy and proved their lies.

    That's not called being "educated" - that's called being a liar.

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  • 7 months ago

    Some Christians insist that too.

    • bobby7 months agoReport

      Oh really?Where are they hiding?

  • 7 months ago

    Obviously the only monkeys in the room would be the ignorant uneducated creatards slavishly obedient to the mindless regurgitations of their handlers. You know--- as in "monkey see.....monkey do".

    Eye roll

  • 7 months ago

    Adaptation in any form is evolution. The terms macro and micro evolution were coined by the church when they finally admitted that speciation does indeed occur but only within its own "kind" in order to limit the amount of damage to their religious novels.

  • You need to realize "species" is an arbitrary label we stick on well known forms in certain places of the timeline of animals. Lifeforms are always always changing slowly. the best objective boundary we can draw is when a lineage splits and those two groups can no longer interbreed, at this point they generally become classified as a different species.

  • 7 months ago

    Species Adapt to their environment but STAY the same Species

    Compare the Eskimo and the Swahili each adapted to his environment as favorable attributes bred more successfully

    Take an Eskimo and Put him in the Serengeti, and put the Swahili in the arctic and you would have two very unhappy people

    But they are both Humans

    No evolution - Just Adaptation

  • 7 months ago

    The poor things.

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