A site where I can upload my pics and also have comments available?

I m giving photography a shot so I m looking for a site that I can upload my photos on. I tried Wix but it isn t exactly what I have in mind. I want to be able to have a home screen with different links to different photo sets. I would also like to have an option for random people to leave comments without having to go through a whole process of making accounts. If you know of any site lemme know below

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  • 8 months ago


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  • Frank
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    8 months ago

    Here's the problem with your idea: People who leave comments on photos on the internet often haven't a clue as what they're talking about. Getting a bunch of "nice" or "cool shot" comments is absolutely useless; and that's precisely what you'll end up getting 99% of the time.

    There are some YouTube channels such as Fstoppers and Fro Knows Photo that review people's portfolios and/or single images.

    Fact of the matter is that you're not going to get useful feedback by posting images for the world to comment on. The only way you'll get useful feedback is to have your PRINTED portfolio critiqued by a professional. Print your best 10-15 images and put them in a professional portfolio. Find local photographers that do the kind of work that you do. Call them up and see if they'd be willing to give you a critique over lunch (yes, you're buying).

    People on line aren't going to be honest because they don't want to hurt your feelings. A pro giving a brutally honest critique will be more concerned about giving you constructive criticism even if it hurts your feelings. So you have to go into this knowing that you'll likely get emotionally destroyed in a critique. But that's the only way you learn. If you can't handle that, you're not alone. Getting told that your work isn't as good as you thought it was or that it downright sucks is not an easy thing to accept. You wouldn't be the first to never pick up their camera again after such a critique.

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