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Is there anything I can even do about my ugliness? I have been trying my best for the past year to improve my looks.?

Should I just give up on life in general?

I went to the restroom today and 4 guys made fun of me for looking so ugly. When my friends talk about girls, they look at me and laugh and say I wish I could be included in their conversation. 2 people made fun of my apperance for a whole day saying I look like I a rat with ebola. I'm a super skinny Pakistani male with thick eyebrows, a crooked screwed up nose and bad skin. My only pro is my hair. I have a friend that's a girl - my other piece of sh** friend said "i ship her with you" she heard and made loud gagging noises and said "ew do you literally want to kill me?"

You can tell by that description I'm one of the ugliest people you'd ever see in your life.

I dress nice - solid colored button shits with clean jeans and shoes that match. I wear a good looking watch. I style my hair with hair clay and have it cut once a month. I wash my face every day with Neutrogena mens face wash & an acne cleanser - and moisturize it. I started going to the gym 2 months ago. I shower every morning and do 2 sprays of cologne. I wear a cool pair of glasses. I walk straight with confidence and smile. No matter what I do, I'm always the ugly one. I don't know what to do. 97 prcnt of other men love their face and look good without much effort, they put on anything and just come to school and get compliments. I try my best and still look like a rat. I don't see any point in coming to school everyday when all I get is insults, even from friends.


I do well in school academically. I do well on tests and quizzes. No one cares about this. Even my parents insult my acne, my screwed up nose ( my dad always talks to me about getting nose surgery and told me how I look like a monkey and my mom always tells me how ugly it is as well). Again, part of life is enjoying it - and I'm not enjoying life with what I was born with.

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    Do not listen to negative, insecure people. You have a good heart/soul. Focus on being kind and loving to others. And don't judge yourself. You are much stronger and accepting than those other people who only judge appearance. Work on self development and focus on your goals and positive activities. Ignore the hate. Those people do not control your destiny only you. Be around motivating, inspiring people. Find a church or another social group where you can be around people who accept you for who you are.

    Learn to see God in people, love them as He loves them. When you know we are all created in God's image you will look past outer appearance. Don't be as superficial as those people but know that God loves you for who you are, otherwise He wouldn't have created you.

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    Don't let other people get you down. I am sure you don't look as bad as your think you do. People have preferences, sure, but them talking about you that way is ignorant. I wouldn't even call those other people your friends; friends don't do that in that way. Some friends might joke about that kind of stuff with one another, but only going both ways; not attacking or insulting only you to actually hurt your feelings. That's not right.

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    The kind of people that tease people over their looks are not worth bothering about.

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    Why do you want people to like you? Can't you ignore them and enjoy your school for what they teach you?

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    I would get a skill or talent. I would also work on not letting people's opinions keep you from achieving your goals. People suck, you are going to encounter aholes your whole life. It won't be fair, and you will have to struggle. But that doesn't mean you can't have a good life. There are plenty of people who aren't very attractive who have rewarding lives, and even really attractive partners. They tend to achieve that by developing something that makes them valuable/unique, and they pursue their goals despite obstacles that come up. I get wanting to have the life others do, but you have to live the one you have. The more you spend time trying to be something you are not, the less energy you will have to make yours as good as it can be. I'm not saying that is an easy thing, but you only have so much energy and time to give each day. The more you get sidelined by others pushing and pulling your emotions in directions that wrap around their lives, the more you get bogged down in your own. If you want a girl, and you aren't attractive enough for many of the girls around you, you either need to find a girl who doesn't care about looks as much (which yes is harder, but not impossible, just harder), or develop a talent or skill that will offset your looks. More girls will be into a 'whole package' you, so your talent/drive/money/skill/etc will raise your overall package worth.

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    Give up trying. Just kidding. You know beauty is not all there is to life? Having an attractive face and good body can be appealing to the eyes. But what makes a person even more attractive is their demeanor and character. Especially, if it's admirable. If that didn't convince you, if you really wish to be physically attractive, eat more nutrious foods,(the more organic, the better) drink more water, embrace labor, make diligence your master, have self-discipline, avoid staying stationary, get enough sleep each night, be optimistic, sacrifice pleasure for health, sleep on either your sides or on your back, (it retains a youthful appearance), limit stress, and avoid detrimental habits like doing drugs, smoking cigarretes, e.t.c. In fact, I bet you are not even grotesque as you have described yourself. Sometimes we are our worst critic. Drop those friends, and find better ones. They are affecting your self-esteem. Also, remember: your phenotypes that make up who you are physically, spiritually, mentally, are unique. If you don't see them as they are, your beauty becomes ugly to your eyes and those who don't appreciate your distinguishable features.

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