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Is there any chance my dark circles will go away naturally?

I first got dark circles when I was about 11-12. I’m 19 now. They’re so deep and dark. I always get made fun of or there’s always a stigmatism to me. People think I either never sleep or am on drugs (I know this because I’ve been asked/told both). It gives me a constant upset and lazy look. I don’t care about tea bags or any of that I’ve tried it, I’ve been tested for hyperthyroidism anemia sleep disorders, negative on everything. Is there ANY chance as I get older they will naturally go away? I don’t care about other ways to enhance my appearance etc, I know I can live with them I have. But it’s just tiring. I just want to look like a normal person and want to know if there’s any chance, it happened to lele pons lol

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  • 7 months ago

    Try eating lots of fruits and salads especially spinach for a few weeks and drink enough water.Your dark circles will reduce a lot.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Dark circles, as opposed to puffiness, does not respond to much (although at my very fattest, they got better--some "fix"). They're there because the skin thins as we grow up, and thins further as we grow old, becoming translucent. The blood in the tissue there is dark purplish, not red with oxygen, and it show through our thin skin.

    So forget fixes and seek a cover-up product that works for you. Or put on eighty pounds and add some fat there.

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