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Do you support the World Jewish Congress's decision to push for the ban of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden?

I don't support the Nordic Resistance Movement, but I am opposed to censoring them. It would be like banning Zionism in Israel.

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    No. Someone should tell this Congress that all over Europe Jews and security guards outside Synagogues are being stabbed in the neck and beaten and verbally abused by the millions from the Muslim world here and entering here due to the open borders of Europe that the right wing are trying to secure.

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  • BMCR
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    9 months ago

    " It would be like banning Zionism in Israel."

    What an odd comment.

    Since Israel is the Zionist state, then most political parties in Israel are Zionist.

    By your analogy, you are therefore suggesting that the Nordic Resistance Movement is the norm in Sweden. If true, then that is far more disturbing as to what it implies about the average Swede.

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