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Live in Minnesota.Can my landlord go into another unit to clean it without notice and how long should I wait on the landlord to take action?

So the unit that is right next to mine has a horrible trash/rotten food odor and it s lingering into my apartment. I have had to leave the door open to the balcony day and night. This is the third day of this. They confirmed it was the unit next to me and said they will get on it today and I was top priority but, they don t have a great reputation.


Landlord already checked in unit and they just have horrible hygiene

Update 2:

I do have a lease. They are slumlords..tenants are protesting and they have an inspection from the city coming up.

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    Plan to leave when you can...slumlords don't usually respond to authorities too well either...this place will continue going downhill.

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    If it's a health issue, they can go in. Keep complaining about the smells. And get yourself a spray bottle of Febreeze.

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    Sounds like an emergency.

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    He is responsible to only the existing tenant in that unit. With a stench, he does not have to give them notice. If the unit is empty, there is nobody to give notice to.

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    The landlord does not have to notify you if he will be entering someone else's unit.

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    Of course they can enter any other unit without notice to you. They must give you notice to enter YOUR unit, unless it's an emergency.

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    you aren't entitled to legal notice, the other tenant may be if state law requires it. typically, landlord would give a cure or quit notice ordering the tenant to clean up.

    it looks like state law is 'reasonable notice' to enter.

    if its that bad, you need to call the city and adult protective services. the city might be able to get in sooner.

    the person could be a mentally ill hoarder...or could have a physical disability that makes them unable to clean adequately. I look fine when you seem me, although you might see my legs give out a little if you physically takes me a month to do what a typical person can do in a day. the state provided a paid aide once per week, he failed to show up half the time, napped when he did, and then whined he couldn't follow the care plan when I bribed him candy to stay awake.

    i tried getting help from another program, i told them I wanted to hire on my own so I can throw them out if they refuse to do the work they are being paid for......that programed determined that meant i wouldn't let anyone in.

    i've had friends I've done a lot for....they don't have 15 minutes to help me....1 has since been arrested for stalking me after I ended the friendship because she was abusive.

    I begged churches, synagogues, and mosques for help.....a christian church had been robbed and went on TV insisting they would help anyone who asked....they wouldn't help me...not with money to pay help or just an hour volunteer time.....the mosque that had a letter inviting anyone to ask for help never responded.

    yesterday my big accomplishment was typing up the newspapers and cardboard. today I hope to bring them out to the recycling bin.

    i can't keep my home up to most people's standards...they would be quick to complain if they saw they same time, they won't even give me 15 minutes of time to help with things I can't do for myself.

    I don't let smelly garbage sit around for long though.

    i know of at least 3 people who could not keep their homes clean. 1 was a woman that just died at 70. I know she had money to pay for help, but when she died, they said it was a hoarding situation. She had a 1 bedroom condo and they filled a large dumpster. She walked without a cane/walker, but had difficulty. I used to see her carry a 20 pound box of litter without much of a problem though...steps may have been an issue.

    the one that moved had a developmental disability and no supports to teach her to do housework.

    the 3rd still lives here, someone offered to help him declutter, he declined...he walks with a walker, i don't know if he could afford to pay anyone. he is in his 70s.

    forgot about the former friend...she is severely mentally ill and has been bad for about 4 years...hospitalized about 6x/year for up to 3 months at a time. she's had mouse drippings in her drawers and cabinets, the sink always is piled with dirty dishes, garbage strewn on the floor...her friends clean it when she is locked up, but it never stays that way....she refuses to use the dishwasher and insists in wastes water when the fact is, dishwashers often conserve water nowadays...certainly does for me since I am slow at washing dishes....she thinks putting things in landfills hurts the environment, so she created her own personal landfill inside.

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    Are you on a lease? Then read it. It probably says something about the owner maintaining the property to enable the tenant peaceful enjoyment of the rental property, or words to that effect.

    Clearly, odors of rot prevent that. So you need to document your actions in a way that will stand up in court, should it come to that. (Let's hope it won't.)

    Send an email with a "read" receipt if your email can do that, or a registered letter, return receipt requested, confirming what you were told. Word it something like this. "I am following up on my conversation with your office [name the person if you know their name] on May 21, 2019 concerning the odors of trash and rotting food entering my apartment at [complete address] from the unit next door at [complete address]. I was assured the problem would be taken care of on May 22, 2019. If this is no longer correct, please advise me of the date of the completion of the work and let me know in what way I will be compensated for the failure to make my unit safe to inhabit."

    If they don't act, then you need to get the town's or city's housing inspector involved. They are likely to declare your unit unfit for habitation, which will spur the landlord to act, especially if it involves a fine. But they may also require you to vacate, and that's a pain.

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    i would wonder if sorneone didnt die in there and thats why it srnells so bad

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Let's hope it's not a dead person.

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