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Why do i sound so bad when trying to sing my heart will go on?

I really embarrassed myself at the school talent show when I tried to sing my heart will go on

Someone in my class said just "belt it out" and you'll win for sure but I lost big time and got last place.

I ran out of steam at the ends phrases in the first part which made the pitch go all wonky and really messed up the timing so I went out of time with the backing track.

The power phrases really sounded strained and someone said i was yelling on the belted parts and stuff like that?

What is wrong? A classmate told me that the whole warm up crap that opera singers do is an old wives tale and to sing radio music that it would be detimental?

What can I do to improve my singing?

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    The obvious answer to getting better at anything is to practice more.

    Find a singing coach and learn singing practices that will help you. Then, put in the work and you will get better.

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    Take singing lessons.

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