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Ramadan: Is it a sin to send money to my moms family without my dad knowing?

My dad only wants to donate money to his family and village. It’s Ramadan now and we have to give Zakat. I don’t want to give any money to my dads family because they have a house, land, animals and a business. I want to give it to my mums family because they need it more. If I give the money to my mum and she gives it to her family then is it ok or will I get sins? My dad can be a very selfish person who only cares about his parents and siblings even though their not really that poor.

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    Your charity should mostly go to where it is needed. That would be the gracious thing to do.

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      Doesn't the question suggest it is not his charity but his dad's?

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    Only if it's your money or he gave it to you. You can't spend your dad's money on things without his authorisation. Your dad has to know that he cannot give the Zakat to his family if they are not eligible. In order to be eligible, they have to fall in one of the 8 categories including:

    1. They are poor

    2. They are experiencing difficulty and need the money

    3. They are in debt and need help to pay if off.


    Your mum's family may be eligible but if your dad does not want to pay it to them, then that is his prerogative. Only Allah can judge him. But you cannot just take his money. His obligations are towards his immediate family, not necessarily his wife's family.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    No. Send away.

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