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How many defenses does body have against germs and bacteria?

I know the germs and bacteria can enter through the eyes, mouth, and the nose. Once they get in what other defenses do we have besides the immune system.

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    Its the protein *Warning* signal given off by a cell telling the immune system that the aforementioned cell is being attacked by a pathogen such as a virus or a bacteria. It directs the immune system to go after this pathogen and its a major building block of our bodies natural defense system.

    Some viruses like the Hep. B & C viruses have found a way to prevent or reduce the ability of liver cells of producing Interferon. That's why in most treatments for these viruses, it includes large amounts of infused interferon. While H.I.V. has managed to prevent the immune system from responding to interferon all together.

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    Mucous is a defense mechanism, it traps germs. Our skin is technically a defense mechanism too because it stops bacteria from being absorbed/entering our bodies in the first place.

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    Cilia in the lungs, hair in the nostrils, the blood/brain barrier, mucus.

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    Thru the mouth, there is the acid in the stomach.

    Thru the eyes? don't know of this.

    You left out other body openings that can get VD or UTI.

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