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My partner makes a big deal out of almost everything?

Some examples of what goes on: I cannot send him a funny meme or quote that reminds me of him without him telling an entire story out of why it's so true. It has even turned into a gripe session. I cannot even lightly tease him nicely without him going into why he doesn't get into teasing because he was teased a lot by his parents as a kid. Which just makes me feel bad, when all I was doing was trying to make him laugh. If I bring up a light subject, he turns it into a heavy one. I'll start talking about something random, like pizza, and it will end with him talking about something like how messed up the world is right now. Okay?

It is almost impossible to keep things light with him. I do try. I'll remind him like "hey, calm down, we were just talking about how nice the sky looks, and now you're onto how the world might end." How do I explain to him without being mean, he needs to take it down a notch? Lighten up a little. It's driving me absolutely insane. I'm a laid back person and this is testing my ability to relax and just enjoy the little things. I love him, I know this is who he is and I'm not trying to change him. I just need to figure out how to tell him I'm not the one to have these constant deep conversations all the time...It's exhausting.


I know he isn't going to change. That's not the question I am asking. It's how I can sway him to finding another source to have this big convos with all the time, and not me. Not that I don't want him to ever. Just not every time we are together.

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    He's not going to change.

    You can ask him not to get into such deep conversations when you're just trying to have fun, but don't count on him taking your advice.

    This is who he is. If you don't like him NOW, then time won't fix it. If anything you'll just get MORE annoyed and resentful. If you guys just aren't compatible then it's time to break up.

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