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My family has had a rough 2 years and finally out of it l, then something new pops up. How to overcome the daily worries?

We have had financial strains that took 2 years to resolve. It’s like a new start for us. Then I was told my company is relocating. My boss said it might be a year down the line and if I was asked and can’t ill get 4 months severance. She also said I’m valuable, liked and can negotiate to work from home and travel into the office once a week since I am a manager.

I have 3 children 6 and under and this worries me. I actually have an interview somewhere else. I’m in my mid 30s so I have experience and a masters. I should be fine if I need to find a job. It’s just the worry all the time. Not sure how to overcome it

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    For me since I became seriously ill with a heart problem, daily minor worries have vanished because they seem so insignificant and temporary compared to the concept of loosing my life so the moral of the story is remember what is really a problem and whats a minor temporary problem, you could drop dead next week and non of it would matter, just focus on money and quality of life. You and your kids will survive even if you don't have much money, as long as you and them are healthy you can overcome society problems

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    Best thing to do is ask God what you should do. He alwaays makes a way for those who love and are obefient to Him. He can help you overcome whever you need go overcome.

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