What is wrong with my forearm?

I ran into a door basically going full speed. (dumb, I know.) Anyways, when I hit it, it hurt pretty bad and instantly there was a mark on my arm. But I know I did not break it, because the pain wasn’t that horrible, and I have full control over my hand and the rest of my arm. Fast forward a week or so. The top of my arm that took most of the hit is still numb. It’s just a small spot, but it’s numb. There is pain when I move my arm really fast, throwing a punch for example. It is more of a burning sensation. Since the incident, the pain has gone away significantly, but it is nevertheless still there. I’m just wondering what could possibly be wrong with my arm, I’m starting to get worried. Thanks!

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  • 8 months ago
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    It sounds like you've bruised the muscle and nerves in that area. Since the pain has subsided significantly, that is a good sign. However, do not rule out a broken bone just because "the pain isn't that bad" because not all fractures hurt. You could have slightly fractured your forearm and not even know it. That being said, you should go to the doctor for them to check it out to rule out a fracture. What you don't want is a fractured forearm with no treatment. It could cause issues for you in the future. Good luck

    • Logan8 months agoReport

      There is still a little pain there, but the numbness has not yet gone away and it has been over a week since the incident, is this okay or no?

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    probably just bruised THE BONE !!!!

    • Logan8 months agoReport

      but would that make it numb lol?

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