When would be the right time to tell a man i'm interested in that i live with my parents and don't know how to drive yet?

I'm 26 and been with my current boyfriend for 4 years so i'm very comfortable around him and can tell him anything with no judgement. i'm probably going to break up with him soon for other reasons though. but it never bothered him that i didn't know how to drive because he willingly drove me everywhere i needed to go and never complained about it. he also never complained about me having my own place because he also lives with his parents. he's just very controlling. i have had bad anxiety all my life about driving which is why i never drove. now that me and my boyfriend are about to break up i'll have no choice but to force myself to learn and to overcome this anxiety weighing down on me. i have a JOB, just dont have my own place yet or my license. only a select few people know i don't know how to drive because i'm embarrassed of being judged. The man i'm interested in doesn't know about the driving situation and he doesn't know i don't have my own place. i don't want his feelings about me ( if he does like me) to change when he finds out the true. so should i tell him the truth now? should i wait until HE asks me? or should i lie. help me out please! should i wait until we get in a relationship to tell him the truth so that it doesnt sway his view of me?

he's very independent, he has multiple degrees, about to start up his own buisness, has his own apartment, etc.. and he's only 25. my current boyfriend is 35

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  • Janet
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    7 months ago
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    Controlling people will eventually lower our self-confidence and hinder our ability to operate well.

    He is dating someone much younger than him because younger people are easier to control.

    Break up with him but NOT for someone else.

    The man you are interested in is NOT interested in you.

    Men fall for women whose looks attract them, and this happens right away even if they don't tell you about it.

    IF they are attracted to you, you don't have to say a thing ... because they are already chasing after you and asking you out and trying to make you their girlfriend.

    He will want a mature and independent woman. You are not that, if you have people driving you around. Only controlling men will want to drive your around everywhere.

    And no, don't lie. Trust and honesty, together, are 65% of what makes a relationship work. You never have a guarantee your lies won't be discovered, and all lies end up destroying trust . .and therefore the relationship.

  • 7 months ago

    Don't deceive the other guy by getting into a relationship and then springing it on him that you don't drive or have your own place. That's manipulative and childish.

    Break up with your current boyfriend first and give yourself some time to heal, learn, and grow from the relationship. You are coming across as quite immature and childish overall so I'm questioning whether you're even mature enough to be with someone.

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