Suppose the gravitational force between two massive spheres is 8.1 N when the spheres are 2 meters apart...?

If the distance between the spheres is increased to 6 meters , what is the force between them?

1 Answer

  • D g
    Lv 7
    7 months ago

    its simple math

    Fg = G *m1*m2/r^2

    if at when r = R

    Fg = 8.1 as the question states

    8.1 = G*m1*m2/R^2

    where R = 2 meters

    if we change r to 6 m we can do a math trick

    6 m = 3* 2m = 3*R

    newFg = G m1 *m2/ (3*R)^2

    newFg = (1/3^2)(G*m1*m2/(R^2))

    WE SEE the formula for Fg in the rearranged formula

    newFg = (1/9) Fg

    so we know that when we triple the distance we 1/9 the force

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