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She went back to her rapist?

My friend was trying to get with this 18yo boy from work 1.5 years ago ( who got eventually fired a month or two later for sexually assaulting another coworker ) She still tried to get with him after the fact but she wouldnt sleep with him so he called over her ex and slept with her instead. They stopped hanging. Fast forward half a year back she was driving around with him getting high and stuff cause they had similar interests. I warned her to stay away from him but she thought i was being ridicculous. Untill apparently him and his friend had plannet to get her high enough to **** her ) Which she considered to be rape and she totally stopped being friends with him and told other people about what happened. Fast forward til march this year she said she still wants to forget it ever happened but then two weeks later she is giving him a ride and told me it wasnt all that bad, and that she feels bad for him and that actually

she got over it. Is she desperate or what could be going on? I feel like changing your mind and going back to him as a friend is something you should not do.

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    she sounds more than desperate, she sounds psychologically damaged.

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  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    she probably wants a boyfriend so bad that she dont care

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