I want to look older now?

I’m nearly 40 and I m fed up of people thinking I’m younger I got told I look 18 and no I don’t like I feel so ashamed and embarrassed it’s ruining my life . What can I do I don’t do anything to look young either I m 5 ft 2 and a size 6 . And I do have an eating problem have had this since I was younger I don’t drink or smoke either . How can I look my age is it hairstyle or the clothes I wear . Mostly wear jeans and t shirts and trainers I feel too old for this now am I to old are knee length dresses to old for me . I want to look older now not younger .

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  • 6 months ago

    Smoke and drink. That will age you quickly.

    • SuperWoman6 months agoReport

      I don’t want to smoke it’s disgusting and I hate alcohol.

  • 6 months ago

    Here are a few ways to appear older, and seem older;

    1. Wear your hair long and kept back in a bun.

    2. Wear glasses.

    3. Wear casual suits or long dresses instead of jeans or skirts.

    4. Keep your posture perfectly erect whenever you're in public, sitting, standing or walking.

    5. When you write, write as if you're over the age of 16. That means using punctuation and proper grammar all the time, not just when you feel like it.

    • SuperWoman6 months agoReport

      don’t and never have Worn Suits that’s what people .where to work and I don’t have a job right now . Also my hair is making me look younger .and I wear glasses is 40 to old to Wear shorts in the summer .

  • 6 months ago

    Please be grateful! You’re lucky

    • SuperWoman6 months agoReport

      That’s not what I want to hear I don’t want to look young .

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    just dont wear anything fancy, irn 4ft5 and look too young for rny age

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  • 6 months ago

    I think it's weird that looking younger is ruining your life. How? Once you're 80, you'll be saying the opposite. I guarantee you almost all women want to look younger than they are. It's most likely the way you dress. Size and height don't "show" a person's age. Or maybe you just have good genes. Be grateful.

    • SuperWoman6 months agoReport

      It’s not weird i m asking for advice not questions . Also no man will take me seriously if I look young I don’t want younger guys of 20 chatting me up I want to find a serious relationship I want to look older .

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