Why and how do liberals think that electing another generic extremist liberal in 2020 is going to make us "less divided"?

Are they just taking about their so-called resistance statistic of the population which has been having a temper tantrum of moral outrage since 2016? How could this possibly apply to anyone who is not a liberal and in favor of the current administration. Why do they think electing another generic liberal is going to be the magic bullet to maintain peace and that all the current tension will go back to being like the 1990's? Are they expecting anyone who is right leaning to magically be supportive of whoever they can get elected or is it really just about them reclaiming power and reigniting the liberal roller coaster to Hell without anyone else getting in their way?


Alright so what you're saying is that you are the ones who presently feel divided, not Trump supporters, and when you're referring to the country being divided you're only applying the statement to liberals. Exactly as I thought. Why don't you say it like that instead of like you are speaking on behalf of the entire domestic population?

Update 2:

How do you know if any of your multiple generic flawed, extremist, current liberal candidates wont surpass DT? I think I can speak for all Donald Trump supporters when I say that we'll at least be equally divided if any of the current ones get into office.

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  • 7 months ago
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    We know Trump supporters don't agree with liberal candidates. We don't care. The question is not whether you agree with us, the question is whether you can stop us.

  • RICK
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    7 months ago

    No one has made us more divided then Trump

    It would be impossible for anyone else to divide us more then Trump has

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    I am sure the next president won’t be insulting Americans on twitter.

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