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How did The United States of America become so anti-social?

I've talked with people in Canada, The United Kingdom and even Japan they seem open to communicating however here in The United States of America everyone basically growls at you from their smart phone if you attempt to converse with them it's down right mournful.


I'm from The United States of America I meant people from Canada, The United Kingdom or Japan are more sociable than those born in America.

Update 2:

Why are you question whether or not I've spoken to people from other countries .

Update 3:

"It's actually doing our country a service in keeping crime rates low." You must be joking...

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    1 year ago
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    Trump became president and divided the nation

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    1 year ago


    Go with it.

    It's actually doing our country a service in keeping crime rates low.

    You look at it as mournful.

    I look at it as a means of coping with over population.

    Source(s): We visit your worlds all the time without having to leave our own. 👌
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    It is simple. We just don't like you.

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    1 year ago

    You didn't talk to people in Canada.

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    1 year ago

    I get the feeling you're a foreign troll. They always ask questions like this. "I've talked with people in x, y, z, and they....". Maybe Canadians are better, but the UK and especially Japan are anti-social countries. You can't just start conversations with strangers, people don't care about each other as much, etc. The UK is slightly better because they are a western country and also have this ideal of politeness and what's proper. Americans are known to be more outgoing than the rest of the world, some even call us a little obnoxious for it.

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