How can I keep my new eyelash extensions dry?

I have an appointment to get a new set and I realize I am working later in the day. I work as a barista, and we deal with steaming milk, and more concerning, doing tasks like washing dishes and using a sanitizing washer that emits a lot of steam when opened. This is my first time getting extensions so I’m not too sure how sensitive the glue is to any kind of moisture. I think for the most part I can wear glasses and do my best not to get steam in my face, but since it is a possibility that they may get wet, I want to make sure that they won’t be ruined.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    It really depends on when you got them. You're usually not supposed to be around water and/or steam for the first 48 hours but seeing as you likely have to, glasses of some sort are probably going to be your best option here.

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