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I have a bunch of traffic tickets I cant afford to pay, would a lawyer be able to help?

I have a bunch of traffic tickets. Mostly for no license and insurance. I've started a payment plan on some but I just can't afford to pay them all. I wouldn't have a problem with sitting them out but I dont want to lose my job. Would a lawyer be able to help? And law advice would be great

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    Well, you could get a credit card to pay them and then default on the loan and file for bankruptcy

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    You can't afford to pay the tickets but you can afford a lawyer?

    You see the problem here?

    When you don't pay the tickets, that you deserved, you will eventually go to jail.

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    And how do you plan to pay a lawyer if you can’t even afford to pay a traffic ticket?

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    The state can change your payment plan if you show them why its too much as it is

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    Save the lawyers fee and pay off the tickets. If you can't pay off your tickets, how will you be able to pay a lawyer $500 to $600 an hour (paid in advance), plus his court time?

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    How would you pay the lawyer if you cannot pay the traffic tickets? There is no assurance a lawyer would reduce your liability anyway.

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    People like you make me mad. Drive around with no license or insurance, and then try to find a way out of paying the fines. Why would anyone help you game the system more than you already have?

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    No. Getting another job or better would help. Or just go back in time and following the laws.

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