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explain this atheists?

Where does all the matter come from? Where did the laws, gravity, centripetal force, etc come from? Where does energy come from? It would take energy to create a big bang right?

If a spinning object breaks apart in a frictionless environment the fragments will all spin in the same direction. If the whole universe started as a swirling dot, why do two planets spinn backwards? Venus and Uranus rotate backwards from the other planets. Isn't that kind of hard on your big bang theory? Not only that 6 of the 63 moons rotate backwards.

Now if you ask me where God comes from and I say that I don't know, don't tell me that your theory is science and mine is religion, when "I don't know" is so often your answer. They are both religions.

And how can you say that it is unreasonable that all animals today come from the ones on the ark, when you believe that all life come from a rock?

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  • goring
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    1 year ago

    Our Creator is self existing.

    Energy is only borne only when time is applied to power.

    Creation process is something that our Creators know.It took place before the big bang theory.

    The big bang theory can be misleading about what really happened.

    Miles Mathis made a logical analysis why some people have no understanding of our Creators

  • D g
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    1 year ago

    an ignorant person trying to prove science doesnt have all the answers when of course he is told RELIGION has..

    God created the heavens and the earth

    oh that explains it all

    if you ask where did god come from HE ALWAYS WAS .. damn would have never thought of that

    so if GOD a creature of immence complexity can ALWAYS BE ..

    I WONDER IF THE ENERGY stored in the singularity that created the big bang could be explained as ALWAYS BEING THERE

    energy is the simplest form of anything so if it cant exist always THEN GOD CANT PERIOD

    SORRY is that logic working against religion

    JUST for the record there was NO TIME before the big bang ..

    time was created microseconds after the big bang started outside our universe time as we know it doesnt exist ...

    every event could happen simultaneously

    so until we can understand a universe without TIME in it it may be impossible to understand what happened before the universe was born

    LET me say one thing science doesnt presume to know everything it is only the IGNORANCE OF RELIGION that ASSUMES that every answer must be explained

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Science is still trying to figure it out, religion is man made

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  • John
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    1 year ago

    Or not.

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    Explain the fact that you posted this amazingly idiotic crap anonymously, and I'll answer you. If you're either a troll or you have no good justification for the anonymity, don't bother responding. Cool, thanks.

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    I'm glad to hear you admit to the world that only atheists are educated rational logical and intelligent enough to answer all the stupid dumb@ss questions ignorant brain-dead religiturds invent in between licking the crap holes of their cult handlers.

    Unfortunately however, it'd be a complete waste of time trying to explain even basic science to an indoctrinated nitwit with a wet noodle instead of a brain and since I'm really not into wasting time I think I'll pass.

    Eye roll

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    He's an interesting and relevant fact about Venus. A Venus day is longer than a Venus year. If I recall it's a difference of between 10 and 20 earth days. It spins clockwise very very very slowly. This indicates that it's probably been flipped upside-down. Try flipping a figit spinner and see what happens. A sizable enough collision near the poles might be the culprit.

    Uranus has some speed, however. But it's not so much spinning clockwise, as sideways. It's almost tilted 90 degrees.

    Figit spinners are a great way to experiment with rotational momentum and get an understanding how knocking a planet upside-down or sideways might effect it's rotation.

    Source(s): I'm a Christian.
  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Oh that projection is strong in this one

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    Explain this to stupid, ignorant and offensive theists: lack of belief in your deity does not make me an expert on physics or any other science. I know you can't understand the concept of admitting you don't know everything but that's your problem not mine.

    Please go away and get an education.

  • Leo
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    1 year ago

    Where did God come from? If your answer is that God has always existed, then why couldn't the universe have always existed?

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