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How can I stop having anxiety before fights break out?

I'm a good fighter etc in the ring I won't get any fight or flight adrenaline rush type thing but out in public when a random altercation starts happening I just feel like panicking or going schizo and killing someone I'd rather just feel in control so that either the altercation can pass or I can deal with it with reasonable force... is there any way to train myself out of getting irate too quickly

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  • 6 months ago

    I feel that maybe you should separate boxing in the ring from actually wanting to hurt someone outside the ring where it isn t really acceptable. Just take deep breaths when you feel like youre about to go off and remove yourself from the area if you have to. also remind yourself that you could really hurt someone if you wanted to cause youre more skilled than them. I have a pretty. short temper too and I box so those two don t mix well but I just realized that when people are rude to me or come at me funny its cause they re unhappy with themselves. if you feel like its really getting out of hand, its okay to seek help. good luck dude hope you find a way to deal with it!

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    a fight in the ring and a fight on the streets are two different things. theres a referee in a boxing match who will step in and save you if you get hurt. on the street its common to see people getting their head punched into the pavement over and over by the winner. you should try to avoid fighting on the streets. people are unpredictable. you never know when some wacko will pull out a knife. or start stalking you because you beat them up. be very careful. dont fight needlessly.

  • 7 months ago

    Thats what happens before you fight. It takes time to become numb to it. Besides a little anxiety can be good not too much but a little.

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