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When will it be safe to scratch, dry with a towel after shower, use sunscreen, scratching and etc on my new tattoo?

I recently got my first tattoo about a month ago so scabs are gone so I want to start drying up as usual and putting on sunscreen to show it off but not sure when is it considered safe as usually towel can be rough against skin.

My tattoo artist gave a instructions to care for it but is only up to peeling process and tells me to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposing to the sun but not when.

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    Should be good by now. It takes approx 4 weeks for a tattoo to fully heal - aslong as you looked after it while it was healing.

    You may find it becomes itchy/red/inflamed etc but it's normal. This is because you have hardly touched it during healing and your skin around tattoo is a little more sensitive. It just needs to get used to it. Use moisturiser, any dry skin one, if this happens. You can also buy suncream that's specifically designed for tattoos.

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    I have a sleeve done. Lots of hours under a tattoo gun. I’ve never applied sun screen. Care for it until it’s healed, then it’ll be fine. Once the scabbing is gone, you can use a towel like normal. Just continue to apply lotion s couple times a day for a while.

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