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Where can I learn K-POP dances?

I live in South Carolina, by the way. I'd learn better by actually being able to meet with someone and be critiqued that way, rather than trying to follow a youtube tutorial. Is there someone in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia that I could go to learn this?

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    K-pop is a dance style based off of basic hip hop and street jazz dance moves but just simpler. That is why you would be hard pressed to find k-pop classes anywhere. What you want to learn is basic dance techniques so you can do that or other dance styles if you wish like k-pop with realitive ease. You should look for hip hop classes or street jazz ( also called commercial dance.)

    Ideally you really should start with ballet as that is where you build a dancer’s body, vocabulary and technique for just about everything else. But that would only be if you were extremely serious and wanted to take it closer to a professional level of dance which is not what is required with k-pop.

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