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Was mosasaurus a fish a dinosaur or a lizard??

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    it was a species of lizard , it was once believed to be a species of dinosaur , hints the name mosasaurus but recent genetic study shows it is closer to lizards and snakes and are less closely related birds , turtles, dinosaurs and crocodillians , and it is by no means a fish or even that close to a fish , infact mammals and amphibians are closer to the mosasaurus than a fish is .

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    Look at the mouth, it's not a fish.

  • JimZ
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    It was most closely related to lizard and some think it is most closely related to snakes and monitors. I have some skepticism that it should be categorized as a lizard since it essentially had the same niche as a dolphin and it is hard to believe it didn't develop warm bloodedness and higher metabolism but we don't really know. Just because it derived from a lizard like ancestor doesn't mean it was similar to a lizard but it more closely related to them.

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    Definitely a lizard

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  • Anonymous
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    It was a lizard, closely related to monitor lizards of the family Varanidae. The Komodo dragon is a monitor lizard, the largest one that is living. Other monitors include the Nile Monitor, a popular pet.

    Many scientists think that snakes evolved from a mosasaur.

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    Closer to "lizard" than to the other two.

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