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Anybody els VERY HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE game of thrones ending episode today!!! WARING MAJORRRRR SPOILERS AHEAD?

Jon kills Danny( I was soo happy but suddenly had a memorable back lash,) because she was sooo good at the beginning and was killing slave masters to killing an entire city just because of one annoying stupid ancest queen. Btw I wouldv gave the seven kingdoms to Jon( if he didn’t kill Danny, she wouldv took control of the all the kingdoms like she said) btw why was grey worm acting like he needed to murder someone. He was my favorite until the episode 5 when he started killing Lannister man who surrendered!!( he’s being a coward, I mean I feel he really loved Missandei, but he started acting mad) but am glad he’s going away with his unssuild to Missandeis home island.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    A lot of people seem to be disappointed by it. There's a lot of internet talk from people who found it disappointing, not just for the Danaerys murder but also for Bran becoming King and Jon going back to the Night's Watch.

    Some of the actors seem to have not been fans of it as well. It sounds like Emilia Clarke didn't like the heel turn which they did for her character in the penultimate episode. Isaac Hempstead Wright says that when he got the script saying that Bran would become king he literally thought it was a joke.

    • Dybala1 year agoReport

      Literally no one expected bran becoming THE SEVEN KINGDOMS KING. like if anyone told me this at the beginning of season 8, I wouldv laughed at it too. Jon throughout deserves the seat

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  • 1 year ago

    Go find what to do

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