What do macaroon colorful cookies taste like?

All of these years at the whole foods store and grocery stores I walk pass them a lot. How do they taste and how does the texture feels when you bite in to them?

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    1 year ago
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    You are misspelling it.

    Macaroons (double "o") is made with coconut and looks like a pile of white/cream-colored coconut. The word is pronounced "mack-uh-roon"

    Macarons (only one "o") are french almond-meringue cookies with some type of flavor-burst filling. They come in a variety of colors and each color is a different flavor.

    The word is pronounced "mack-uh-ron".

    I adore them.

    Not everyone does

    Some flavors are better than others, and some bakers make better ones than other bakers do. It is the texture of the "biscuit" part that make the biggest difference, and that is tricky to get just right.

    The "biscuit" part of the cookie is made from beaten egg whites (meringue), sugar, and almond flour. They cook up with the exterior having a bit of a crust and the interior light and airy. You bite into them and they yield to your teeth with a hint of almond.

    The filling is where the bulk of the flavor comes from. Often it is some type of flavored pastry cream, or ganoche (chocolate cream, like the filling of a chocolate), or jam-like full of flavor.

  • 1 year ago

    if you are talking about actual macaroons which are made with coconut, they remind me of the filling of an almond Joy candy bar.

    If you are talking about a macaron, I have never tasted them.

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